Beat the Google revolution!?

December 9, 2007

                                                                                                                                                         Never has there been a time when someone sits down and
shows you step by step blueprints to make real money
on the internet. Furthermore, no one in the right frame
of mind will show you a way to do it WITHOUT spending a
single penny on advertising.

You see, the Internet is huge and millions come online
to have a crack at it. Majority (99.9%) just don’t have
a clue where to start. They attempt some techniques
exposed by well known internet marketing gurus, but
never really make some serious money.

Well the thing is, the owner of Google Snatch is NOT
a guru. Simple down to earth guy who just knows what to
do to make money online! Best of all are the techniques
he uses to dominate not only a niche market but also
markets that have thousands of competitors owned and
run by large corporations.

He implements his own techniques and actually, in one
word, hammers his competition. No Google Adwords to cheat,
as each click costs an expensive $100. As at the end of
the day, the bigger the market, the bigger the competition,
so more spending power!

Now millions are afraid to compete in big markets because
the people (companies) who have the money CAN demolish
their competitors. But what he tells you is, BIG companies
have more money than sense. There is no need to spend
thousands of dollars to make money online. If you have
the right formula, (The FREE Click Formula) then why waste
money on paid clicks.

The problem with paid advertising, whether its Google,
Yahoo or MSN, you can get high placements almost instantly,
but whose clicking on your ads? I mean whose accumulating
a large bill at the end of the month for you?
Your competitors? Happy clickers? Or actual ‘real’ customers?

The work involved is just as much as setting up a Google
Adwords campaign. Since the Google Slap came to the scene,
it was made clear that for each keyword you bid on it
requires a unique page, as a must, to achieve good popularity

So the idea is simple, yet thousands think, actually
MILLIONS think, Adwords is quicker? It takes 15 minutes
for the world to see your listing! But in order to get
to those 15 minutes, it takes the same time to find the
keywords, create the landing page and to get the campaign
on its feet. Overall you could say it takes maybe 60 – 90
minutes, maybe more.

Once this is setup, people will actually start seeing your
ads AFTER 90 minutes as the work needs to be done beforehand.

Now for the alternative, inside Google Snatch! It takes 60
minutes for the world to see your ad, PLUS you don’t pay
a single cent on a click. Yet to that matter never will
you ever again pay for a click once you discovered these
techniques. So this you could say is the REAL get your
Google ads for free!

It was suppose to be priced at $997, but at present it’s
next to NOTHING! So go over to the website now before
your competitors use this method on you.

Never pay for Google ads ever again and let the world
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To your success
141 Smartmove